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Electric Bunsen Burner (ELE.BA6101)
• Combines the advantages of the gas burner with the clean operation and control ease of electric heating

• Heavy duty construction made of a corrosion resistant metal housing

• Consumes only 400 watts of power

• Temperature range: 800°C - 1000°C (1472°F - 1832°F)

• Conical shaped heating element directs the radiant heat toward the top cavity

• Heating elements are easy to replace

• Since the radiation from the heater is directed upwards only, it can be used for such purposes as heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers independent of their shape

• MC242X1 and MC242 can be used for controlling bunsen burner

• Air circulation from the vented housing keeps the base cool enough to hold during operation

• Top cowl deflects heat away from your hand

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Single Controller, 15A 230V (ELE.MC242)
• Used for controlling Electric bunsen burner (ELE.BA6101)

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